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3 Ways to Improve Your Selling Conversation

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In the past, I’ve given seminars and workshops to salespeople and business owners called, “How to Improve Your Selling Conversation.” Every business owner should be thinking about ways to improve their own sales effectiveness and the effectiveness of their employees. This seminar was also extremely beneficial to the veteran sales professionals present (based on their feedback.)

At the heart of direct sales is the conversation. We can increase our sales by simply improving the selling conversation. The best salespeople are always working to improve their sales effectiveness. I can’t share the entire seminar with you in this blog post but let me offer you 3 tips that will enable you to improve your selling conversation.

Tip #1: Favorable Conditions

A selling conversation needs to be set up under favorable conditions where there are no interruptions and the prospect is ready to explore doing business with you. What makes “favorable conditions” for you and your business? Maybe it’s having adequate time for the conversation. Maybe it’s preparation on your part – maybe preparation on the prospect’s part. Maybe the appointment needs to be “warmed up” by some preliminary activity.

Be sure you identify what makes for favorable conditions and work to ensure that it happens.


Tip #2: Add Value in Your Sales Appointment

I make it my goal to add a lot of value to my prospects when I meet with them. I set up the meeting to be a “consultation” and actually create the expectation that the prospect will receive something of value from our time together. Then I make sure I deliver. So selling conversations can be offered as consultations or strategy sessions where you explore the situation, goals, and challenges of the prospect and then offer them some practical help while offering your services as the long-term solution.

Tip #3: Go Into the Selling Conversation With the Right Mindset

Your mindset or attitude in the Selling Conversation is one of the keys to success. You need to see yourself as someone who can help the prospect achieve his or her goals, not as someone who is begging for business. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in creating the proper mindset for the selling conversation.

I don’t go into the meeting thinking I’m a salesperson (although I’m very proud to be a sales professional.) I go into the meeting with the mindset that I’m a genuinely caring friend, a helper, a problem-solver who is going to provide solutions that will make this prospect’s life easier and better.

I also go into the meeting with the mindset that this prospect is going to see the value I bring and will want to work with me – either now or later! I believe in the value I offer and I believe in their ability to grow and improve their business.

I hope you find these 3 quick tips helpful! Learn more about how we help salespeople here.

If you’re looking for sales training, contact us today and see how we can help you become more effective in your selling process.

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