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Are you a business owner who wants to:

  • Work less but make more money?
  • Grow and scale your business?
  • Create a highly profitable business that can run without you?

If so, one of our Business Acceleration Programs may be just what you need.

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Challenges Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Face

Some of the challenges owners of small businesses wrestle with include:

  1. Fatigue – working too much for too little return
  2. Marketing – wasting money & time on ineffective marketing
  3. Sales – Not maximizing our revenue generating opportunities
  4. Cash Flow & Profitability
  5. Scalable Processes & Systems (Creating a Turn-Key Business)
  6. People Issues – Finding the right people & building a team
  7. Time Management
  8. Strategic Focus
  9. Personal & Business Organization
  10. Exit Strategy

These are the top 10 issues most small business owners want help with. We work on these issues and more with our clients. In fact, Glenn has been helping business owners with these types of challenges for more than 20 years. His proven process and track record have been affirmed by numerous clients. Now you can access a powerful business coaching process at a price point that fits your budget! We call it The Business Acceleration Process™.

Our Business Acceleration Coaching addresses all the critical challenges of running a small business including the challenges listed above!

How Does the Business Acceleration Coaching Work?

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[section title=”Why Do Business Owners Hire a Coach?”]

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There are at least 4 common reasons why business owners hire a coach. Here they are:


Business Growth

Business owners intuitively know that an experienced advisor will not only help them grow, but will help them grow faster, grow with less pain and expense, and grow in a manner that is sustainable. Business coaching enables an owner to scale their business in a timely and cost-effective way.

Solve Business Problems

All businesses encounter problems. Healthy businesses encounter problems, solve those problems, and move on. However, sometimes businesses experience recurring problems; in other words, they have the same problems year after year without a resolution that enables the company to grow and a resolution that brings joy and fulfillment to the business owner. While not limited to these, common recurring problems include personnel issues, marketing deficiencies, and cash flow challenges. Wise business owners acknowledge that outside eyes and insight is sometimes needed to solve problems and thus be able to move on.



Leadership Development

For a business to grow and sustain growth, it requires leadership growth. A business will not grow if the business leader does not grow and develop. An experienced business coach will help you grow as a leader and will help your company develop the necessary internal leadership to keep your business moving forward.

Succession Planning

Every owner WILL exit their business one day. You don’t have a choice about that. What you DO have a choice about is how you will exit your business. You may want to make it a sustainable annuity income producer for the rest of your life. However, this will not happen without careful observation of market dynamics and strategic planning. You may want to sell your business one day and reap a meaningful reward for your hard labor. This is certainly possible for most businesses, but it will not happen without planning and preparation of the business. You may want to pass the business on to a child or loved one. If so, you will want to give them something that they can sustain and grow. Wise business owners realize these realities and leverage a good business coach to help them achieve their long-term goals.


To make your business increasingly profitable with sustainable growth, you need a coach. To build a business that is truly an appreciating asset, you need a coach. This is why Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, went on record stating, “The best advice I ever got was to hire a coach.”

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[section title=”Why Choose Glenn Smith?” style=”gray”]

Glenn has been a successful business coach for more than 20 years. Each year Glenn works directly with more than 30 business owners in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and other cities in the U.S.  He helps owners with:


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[iconitem title=”Personal Leadership Development” icon=”icon-user”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Team Leadership Development” icon=”icon-group”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Succession Planning” icon=”icon-trophy”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”and Much More” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]


Our coaching clients receive exceptional value from Glenn’s coaching services through one-on-one executive coaching, through small group coaching for owners of small businesses (this is called the Business Acceleration Program™), and through Team or Corporate Coaching. Check out what our Clients have to say!


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Contact Glenn today for a FREE initial consultation. Discover for yourself how valuable an experienced business coach can be to you!

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You can also schedule an appointment by calling our office at 281-635-5224.


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