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5 Powerful Business Growth Questions that Increase Sales

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We are ready now for the fourth of five business growth strategies to help your business grow. In this strategy we want to think about how we can increase sales to our current customers.

You can Increase Sales by Increasing the Frequency of Transactions

This fourth strategy is to Increase the Frequency of Transactions to your customer base. Of all the business growth strategies this may be the one that is most overlooked. However, it may be the quickest way to increase sales!

As a Houston area business coach, I encourage my clients to take a personal strategic retreat every 90 days. As they do this I encourage them to list their top 10 customers, their top 10 prospects, and their top 10 referral sources. It use to surprise me how many business owners struggle with this. But we must be intentionally thinking about our best customers, prospects, and referral sources in order to grow our business!

5 Powerful Business Growth Questions that Increase Sales

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can we add MORE value? Is there anything me or my team can do to increase the value we bring to our customers?
  • How can we have MORE contact and interaction? Can we solicit better feedback from our customers and clients? Is there a way to learn more about our customers and their needs?
  • How can we create MORE of a sense of “community” with our customers? How can we personalize our services? Are there ways to show our customers our personal side?
  • How can we communicate MORE often and MORE effectively without becoming a nuisance? Are there ways or platforms we aren’t using (or aren’t using effectively) to communicate with our clients? Are we leveraging social media and email marketing?
  • How can we give our customers proactive ideas and solutions? How can we get our team to think strategically and long-term when making sales calls? Do I have a follow up system in place to communicate new services and products to my current customers?

By developing strategies around these questions you will be able to increase sales. Always be looking for repeat buying opportunities and you will increase the frequency of purchases. This can be a powerful business growth strategy!

Business Growth in the New Normal

In today’s economy business owners are realizing the need to be more strategic in all of their business activities. My observation is that the business owners who are becoming more focused and strategic are thriving! On the other hand, many owners are continuing to do the same things they did 4 or 5 years ago, without focus or adaptation to the “new normal.” Most of them I see are struggling.

Your business can grow and thrive! However, for this to happen you have to grow as a business leader. You can increase sales. You can take your business to the next level. Get focused and take strategic action today! I’m here to help you do just that!

5 Powerful Business Growth Questions that Increase Sales
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5 Powerful Business Growth Questions that Increase Sales
This is the fourth of five Business Growth Strategies in our series. You can Increase Sales by simply engaging your current customers more frequently.
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